PEBEC is the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council, established to deliver Nigeria’s business environment reform, with the dual mandate to remove bureaucratic and legislative constraints to doing business and to improve the perception of the ease of doing business in Nigeria.. Its role includes implementing reforms to simplify regulatory processes, enhance transparency, and promote a conducive business environment.

PEBEC’s initiatives are designed to reduce bureaucratic constraints, streamline processes, and create a more conducive business environment. Businesses can benefit from time and cost savings, increased transparency, and improved overall efficiency.

PEBEC has implemented over 180 reforms, including the automation of business registration processes, a reduction in the time it takes to obtain permits, and the simplification of tax procedures. These reforms aim to make it easier for businesses to operate in Nigeria.

PEBEC welcomes feedback and suggestions via the ReportGov app available to download on Apple and Google Play Store. You can use the contact form on our website or reach out through the provided contact information. Your input is valuable in shaping policies and initiatives.

PEBEC is committed to improving the business environment for businesses of all sizes. Reforms target both large corporations and SMEs to create an inclusive and supportive ecosystem for all types of enterprises.

PEBEC currently collaborates closely with 53 Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, fostering a coordinated approach to reform implementation.

PEBEC has implemented measures such as the publication of regulatory guidelines, online portals for business registration, and the use of technology to track and monitor government processes. These initiatives aim to increase transparency and accountability. You can read more on this in our EO1 Compliance Reports.

While PEBEC does not handle individual business disputes, it focuses on creating an enabling environment to prevent and minimize such challenges. For specific issues, businesses are encouraged to contact the relevant government agencies or seek legal advice.

Foreign investors can benefit from PEBEC’s initiatives by experiencing a more streamlined and transparent business environment. Reforms aim to attract foreign investment by reducing bureaucracy, improving infrastructure, and ensuring a level playing field for all businesses.

Stay informed by regularly visiting our website and social media channels @pebecgovng for news, updates, and announcements. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive timely information on PEBEC’s latest initiatives, reforms, and events.

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